I am Xenia, German born, raised in Spain. In our house, the day has always been planned around food. I am not a cook or a doctor. I am a foodie and have always been the sous-chef in my parents’ kitchen.

Throughout my years at school, I was always the girl with the big envious lunch. Attending boarding school changed my perspective on food significantly. My assorted and diverse diet was instantly reduced to small amounts of limited foods. As I became more aware of the plant-based kitchen, I was interested in trying something new. Three years later, I am still an enthusiastic fan of a vegan diet, but I have also made exceptions to eat more diverse again.

After graduating, I decided to take a gap year before attending university. This gap year rolled into two, and then I decided that university was not going happen for me just yet. Meanwhile, I dedicated my time to internships. Several later, I still found myself searching for a new challenge, a new adventure. I decided to settle in the Austrian Alps. After moving to Kitzbühel, I began working in the fashion industry. Basing in the Alps, traveling to Paris and Milan was lovely, but once again, I found myself desiring more. 

I chose to take some time off to travel. My journeys included Singapore, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, New York and Los Angeles, Melbourne and Sydney, and finally Mexico City. As a foodie, I went to a variety of restaurants, explored food markets, and sampled the local street foods. Despite the exotic flavours and diverse tastes, I felt my touch was missing, so I translated my yummy ideas into something fresh, and so W/LOVE was born.

As W/LOVE is growing I decided to extend my knowledge and I am proud to say that I am a graduate of IIN, Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.